I want to thank you for including me in your class yesterday. It was the best reiki class I have ever attended. I love your class program and the way teacher/students were integrated into the class program. Well done!

KarenNew Cumberland, PA

Annemarie was both friendly and professional. The whole experience opened my mind and especially my heart. I look forward to having another reading done by Annemarie in the future. It changed my life!

JessHarrisburg, PA

Amazing!  Powerful Reading!

FrancesHarrisburg, PA

I was not sure what to expect when I had my first Reading with Annemarie.  I received her contact information in 2013, but it took me an entire year to reach out to her.  Once I did, I knew I made the right decision.  I was feeling stuck in my life.  I had experienced some significant losses, which impacted me personally and professionally.  I started pulling myself out of the darkness, but I was not fully where I needed to be.  I believe meeting Annemarie was the catalyst that turned things around.  Her Readings connected me with loved ones who transitioned and reassured me that they are doing fine.  She was able to share details that only I would have known.  She also predicted a major transition and a move to another state.  Her accuracy and thoughtfulness in which she shares the messages, is beyond compare.  You will not be disappointed.

TanyaTampa, FL

My husband got so much from the Reading!  He was in awe!  It helped him in a lot!  I can’t thank you enough.

DanaHarrisburg, PA

Thank you so much.  It was a good trip home.  Lots to think about.  Our time together was an indescribable, emotional, wonder-filled experience.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  I feel like I’ve only peeked through a small opening in the door.  I plan to follow up.  Thank you.

DavidNew Jersey

You were so correct in all you told me.

MariaNew Cumberland, PA

Annemarie, Thank you so much for today’s Reading.  You are truly talented and among the Angels!

KateYork, PA

Thank you a million times over!

MelodyDillsburg, PA

OK!  That was just way too REAL!

LoriBaltimore, MD

There was, and still is, significant change in some key interpersonal dynamics that occurred immediately following our Reiki treatment.

IanBaltimore, MD

SPOT ON!  Much love and gratitude.  Thank you for sharing your gifts!

BethCamp Hill, PA

You are very good at what you do!

JamesYork, PA

You were so right.  Thank you.

MeredithSebring, FL

My friend was so pleased with her Reading! She had positive things to share about her experience!

TanyaTampa, FL

Hi Annemarie! I am doing well! Much of what you shared has ALREADY come to fruition!

KayYork, PA

I just want to thank you for such a positive experience! It was more than I was expecting in a great way!

RoseHarrisburg, PA

Thank you so much for today’s reading! It gave me a good perspective.

ChristinaHarrisburg, PA

Annemarie is awesome! When she gives a Reading, you feel she is giving you her full energy and attention. She is so insightful and extremely intuitive. She can explain things so eloquently and is detailed with her insights. Her professionalism and humor put you at ease.

AnneLiberty Hill, TX

I have had several sessions with Annemarie regarding Reiki energy work and communications with angels and crossed-over loved ones. Not only has she been able to provide me with accurate guidance through some tough situations that has been divinely fortuitous, but also she has given me messages of love, support and closure from my father who passed away years ago. The human ability to press through our times of grief and loss is miraculous and sometimes we need to reach out to those who are gifted. She has an invaluable gift.

DedraHarrisburg, PA

You are going places girl! You’re the real deal! I am so grateful!

KibbyAtlanta, GA