I was not sure what to expect when I had my first Reading with Annemarie.  I received her contact information in 2013, but it took me an entire year to reach out to her.  Once I did, I knew I made the right decision.  I was feeling stuck in my life.  I had experienced some significant losses, which impacted me personally and professionally.  I started pulling myself out of the darkness, but I was not fully where I needed to be.  I believe meeting Annemarie was the catalyst that turned things around.  Her Readings connected me with loved ones who transitioned and reassured me that they are doing fine.  She was able to share details that only I would have known.  She also predicted a major transition and a move to another state.  Her accuracy and thoughtfulness in which she shares the messages, is beyond compare.  You will not be disappointed.

TanyaTampa, FL
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